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Forgiven Now

Psalm 86:5
For You, Lord, are good, and ready to forgive, and
abundant in mercy to all those who call upon You.

Redeemed forever now and inwardly renewed,
heroically ransomed although undeserving still,
divine grace cascading love abounding among
rescued souls, opened minds, softened hearts
reaping genuine faith and repentance true;
extending unmerited favor, lavishing
mercies upon mercies interposing
full and final pardon amply
erased all sins presently
here and now
now and here
presently sins all erased
amply; pardon, final and full
interposing mercies upon mercies
lavishing favor unmerited, extending
true repentance and faith genuine, reaping
hearts softened, minds opened, souls rescued
among abounding love cascading divine grace;
still undeserving although ransomed heroically,
renewed inwardly and now forever redeemed!

Poetry Type:  Palindrome
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Lord, help us not be afraid of those who scorn, even if thistles and thorns are with us…help us not to lose heart but to share Your love instead.  Let Your Word fall on the fertile ground of our souls and bear much fruit.  Prune the garden of our hearts by Your love and grace.  Remind us that there is no darkness that Your Light cannot penetrate. Let our constant prayers of thankfulness be a sweet fragrance to you.  Amen.


Thorns among surviving lilies
still darkness hides silently
true  glory  shining  bright
radiant  blooming petals
lush  and  colorful oasis
permeating fragrance
pruning and loving
perpetual springs
fertile  ground
Christ within
within Christ
ground  fertile
springs perpetual
loving and pruning
fragrance permeating
oasis colorful  and  lush
petals blooming  radiant
bright  shining  glory  true
silently hides darkness still
lilies surviving among thorns

This poem is called a Palindrome, or mirrored poetry.  It reads the same forward and backward! Try one….it’s fun!  I would also call it Word Art since the words paint a picture of Jesus as caretaker of our hearts.



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