Treasures In Heaven

Hi Everyone,

I have been missing my daily ‘blogsurf’ and being encouraged by so many of you.  My computer hard drive crashed completely in mid-August and many of my precious family photos, videos, and poems are completely gone.  😦 I became a little discouraged in my poetry writing after losing my work-in-progress.  It was a painful lesson to learn about backing up my hard drive more frequently.  I hope to be back on line soon.

For now, I thought I would try something new for my blog and post this personal update along with some recent photos of my two precious gifts from the Lord – my sons, ages 10 and 8. 

Hope to be back on line soon!

May the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you always!


Matthew 6:19-20 Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal.

Calvin and Philip



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14 responses to “Treasures In Heaven

  1. marie

    Your sons are adorable!

    I just commented to you over at Timbob’s site and then came over here just to check it out!

    I’m sure glad all is well. So sorry about your crash. Think I’ll go back up my hard-drive right now! 🙂

    Looking forward to future postings!

    Thank you, Marie. Blessings to you! Scotti

  2. There you are! Been missing your poetry. Gald you’re all moved in. Sorry to hear about the crash. Who says technology frees us!?


    Hi David,

    Yes, we are finally moved in. I like Georgetown a lot and now I am much closer to your ‘neck of the woods’. Hope all is well.


  3. Great pictures – your boys are beautiful!

    What a bummer about the crash! 😦

    Enjoy your blessings dear one!

    Thanks, Lana! I can’t wait to get caught up on your posts from the last few weeks. Have a blessed day. Scotti

  4. So sorry about the crash—but very please that it was technological in nature rather than physical, emotional or spiritual. Glad you are back, anxiously awaiting your beautiful words.


  5. Hi Scotti,

    I am sorry about the loss of your poems, but I know that the One who inspired you before will inspire you again. You have two fine looking boys.



  6. Greetings. We kind of went through the same thing as our old computer became seemingly unworkable. The time away from blogging was a blessing and I don’t plan to let it become so consuming in the future, however, here is where the story turns comical. We just acquired a totally new computer and when I went to log on, the same problem occurred. I talked to another technician at netscape and learned that a very simple problem was preventing internet access. WOW!

    So now, Morgan has the old computer which still has her collection of thousands of pictures and thousands of songs. (including the file entitled “songs that I don’t like.” lol. WAY too much idle time)

    Great pictures of your sons. I will keep you and your household in prayer. Have a blessed day in Jesus.


  7. what a beautiful site! love your poetry…
    too bad about the crash. i actually get annoyed when my computer is telling me to back up all the time, guess i won’t anymore! (although i DO do the back up!!) blessings…

  8. Your boys are so handsome, you must be very proud of them..

  9. God bless you!

    Hoping you get on again soon…!!!

  10. God bless you Scotti, good to see you back.

  11. The line between God using circumstances and engineering them altogether I leave to Him–but I know for certain that He causes ALL things to work together for good for those who love Him…I’m so happy to have you a part of the Lindenville Cafe, and to keep in touch more regularly as a result. God bless you and your dear family!!

  12. Welcome to the Cafe, Scotti. I’m looking forward to my own move and am encouraged by your post. Blessings to you.

  13. Hello, Scotti. This post was a blessing. How many times does God have to teach us this lesson? So sorry about your hard drive, but your experience is just another illustration that there are hidden blessings in all our disappointments. Nice looking boys you have there.
    I came over to welcome you to the Lindenville Cafe and hope that you enjoy being a part of the ring. Blessings.

  14. Hi, Scotti, wow it is so great to have you as part as our cafe…a huge welcome from me…It is so much quicker for me to visit you now, don’t have so far to go 🙂

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