Utterly lost
Take us as we are, Lord 
Blot out our hidden transgressions
Convict our hearts & hear our confessions
Crucify  our  sinful  passions
Mold us in your image
Lord, give us faith

He died for us
Messiah came to save
By Christ’s death and resurrection
God demonstrates His loving perfection
He pours out divine affection
Messiah will return
He lives for us

His gift of grace
Have faith in Jesus Christ
His mercy seat, the cross unveils
Guilty as charged yet His love never fails
Justified by faith, grace prevails
Accept your privilege
Open the gift

Loving kindness
With divine compassion
Calvary’s  victory  is  done
By His shed blood our salvation is won
Eternal  life  is  in  the  Son
Gracious & forgiving

This poem is written in the form of a Rictameter.  The first line starts with a two syllable word. Each line to follow increases by two syllables, in this case, until the line reaches 10 syllables and then it goes back down again.  The final line has the same two syllable word that started the poem.  I have also added a rhyme in the middle three lines.


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